The Future Of Solar Panels Is Limitless

- Jan 02, 2018 -

Solar panel Special-purpose Street lamp micro-controller intelligent Control, no manual operation, with high brightness, easy installation, stable and reliable work, no digging ditch, free cable, work stable and reliable, long service life and so on.

The installation of solar panels is simple and convenient, without the need to do a lot of basic works such as laying cables like ordinary street lamps, only a base fixed, all the lines and control parts are placed in the lamp frame, forming a whole, the operation and maintenance cost of solar street lamp is low.

Solar powered by solar street lights, in addition to rainy days converted to mains electricity will produce a small amount of electricity costs, operating cost is almost zero, the entire system is automatic control operation, without human intervention, almost no maintenance costs, beautiful appearance without electricity, applicable to urban roads, communities, industrial parks, squares, tourist attractions, Lighting needs in parks, rural highways, remote areas and other places.

It can also be used for the small population distribution density, inconvenient transportation economy, lack of conventional fuel, it is difficult to use conventional energy to generate electricity, but the solar energy resource-rich areas to solve the problem of household lighting in these areas.

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