LED Street Lamp Manufacturers Development Key Trends

- Jan 02, 2018 -

LED product 100% covers the application area of home lighting application home lighting products, regardless of the living room, restaurant, bathroom, kitchen and so on, all the scene applications, as well as all kinds of lights can be LED lighting covers, led home lighting can meet the needs of various areas of application, cool temperature, warm warm, dimming, color, etc. Any application area can be met by solid-state lighting technology, users can understand the LED lighting products in a relatively short time, and familiar with its application.

In China have become the world's lighting brand factory to seek OEM resource pool, however, the quality of China's market solutions is different, the price difference is very large, in the Test brand factory strategic procurement capabilities, how to each major components have in-depth understanding, and understand its technology, and then use the common language and solutions to provide vendors to discuss specifications, It is possible to effectively depress costs and maintain product quality.

LED technology to join, FMCG industry is the key is to grasp the channel, and with the channel operators to maintain a good relationship to the home market, for example, supermarkets, convenience stores, water and electricity, etc., still with the traditional lighting era of the same channels, and no two, only to grasp the channel, to grasp the sales force, Master sales Force Lighting products is a mature market in itself.

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