Solar Radio Product Features

- Jan 02, 2018 -

Solar Radio is the use of photovoltaic principles of solar energy to convert sunlight energy into energy storage for radio use, do not use dry batteries, will not cause pollution of the environment, Low-carbon Environmental protection, energy conservation, can also be presented as gifts.

Hand-cranked power generation and solar power generation, high efficiency, environmental protection, economy, professional feel design, feel relaxed and comfortable, using high-performance radio chip CXA1691BM, FM (FM), Medium Wave (AM), meteorological (WB) high sensitivity three-band radio, speaker/ear sound output, volume adjustable, large speaker output, Good sound quality, small hand noise, high power generation efficiency, low power consumption, long time to listen, charging instructions, tuning instructions, the original volume, Dial knob design, easy to adjust and adjust the table.

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