Detection and maintenance of solar panels

- Jan 02, 2018 -

Check the battery board for any damage, to achieve timely detection, timely replacement, check the battery board connection line and the ground is good contact, there is no shedding phenomenon, check the junction box wiring has a fever phenomenon; check whether the battery plate bracket is loose and broken; Check the weeds that block the battery panel around the battery panel ; Check the surface of the battery board there is no covering; inspect the surface guano of the battery board, clean it if necessary, and identify the cleanliness of the battery board; Strong wind weather should focus on the battery board and stent; The heavy snow should be cleaned in time to avoid the frozen of the surface of the battery board; Rain should check all waterproof seals for good , there is no leakage phenomenon, check whether there are animals into the power plant to damage the battery board; Hail weather should be focused on the surface of the battery board, the temperature of the battery plate is tested, compared with the ambient temperature, the problem should be processed, analyzed and summarized in time. To facilitate future analysis, to do analysis and summary records and file.

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