Characteristics analysis of Solar street lamp and traditional street lamp

- Jan 02, 2018 -

Installation and operating procedures are complex and require the laying of cables, to carry out the excavation of cable trench, laying dark tube, pipe threading, backfill and other large number of basic projects, and for a long time installation and commissioning, topography and wiring requirements of complex, artificial and ancillary materials expensive, high electricity, to long-term uninterrupted line and other configuration for maintenance or replacement, The maintenance cost is increasing every year.

The traditional street lamp has the security hidden danger, because in the construction quality, the Landscape project transformation, the material aging, the power supply is not normal, the water and electricity gas pipeline conflict and so on has brought many security hidden dangers, the electric circuit lamp average life expectancy is approximately 10,000 hours, along with the service life longer, the pipeline Due to the scope of the larger, mains lighting installation has related to high costs, the total investment will be higher than the solar street lamp, and the annual cable stolen losses is also very large!

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